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Professional Installation and Assembly Service

Tv and Theater

Home Owners Services’ technicians can put up any TV regardless of size, brand, and wall type. We can also guarantee that your TV will be installed securely with all wires concealed. In addition, our expert technicians are well-versed in home theater installations, connecting video/audio, Wi-Fi connection, configuring devices, sound bar mounting, and smart TV setup.

Professional Installation and Assembly Service
Professional Installation and Assembly Service

Camera and Security Services

Home Owners Services’ highly skilled technicians can set up your home and office camera security installation. We can also assist you with camera placement and mobile monitoring on your phone.

Assembly Services

Just purchased a coffee table, desk, or bed frame from IKEA? Are you having trouble figuring out how to assemble your home and office installments? Home Owners Services can take care of all your home and office assembly needs.

Professional Installation and Assembly Service