Valet Residence Cleaning

Gem’s offers a satisfying cleaning service for residents of multi-family complexes. Our trusted cleaners are guaranteed to clean every corner and crevice of your living space. Pick from our list of cleaning packages that best accommodate your budget and specific needs.

Please contact us for our price list for cleaning service packages at 954-392-4875.

Multi-Family Residence Services
Multi-Family Residence Services

Valet Maintenance

In need of a handy man? Look no further! The members of our maintenance team offer more than 20 years of expertise in their field, making us the best candidate for repair and maintenance jobs. Sit back and relax and allow us to take care of your strenuous to-do list.

We offer our services five days per week.

Complex Beautification

We at Gem’s know how important it is to keep the property value of a complex up. Therefore, we offer services of maintenance for complex amenities (pool area, gym, club house etc.), sidewalks, landscape and dumpsters.

Multi-Family Residence Services
Multi-Family Residence Services

Valet Trash/Recycle Removal

When it comes to keeping any residence complex clean things can be a bit difficult. Enforcing a clean environment can be almost impossible with the many residents that live on the property. Many residents often dread the responsibility of taking out the garbage, which causes them to leave their trash on the outside of the trash compactor or dumpster thus causing the community environment to be a dirty and unpleasant one. To put an end to the epidemic, we offer a valet trash removal service.

“What exactly is valet trash removal?”

Our service involves our guys going door-to-door to remove trash from our specialized trash bins that will be stationed in front of every resident’s door step. Doorstep recycling bins will be provided as well.

We offer our services five days per week along with a daily trash compactor cleaning.

Disclaimer: We do not specialize in the removal of oversized items (e.g. couches, TVs, mattresses etc.)

Benefits of Our Services to Residents:

  • No more unsafe nightly trips to the trash compactor
  • No more having to haul stinky trash on top of vehicle to throw it away
  • Residents do not have to deal with dirty overflowing trash compactors
  • No more debate over who is responsible for taking out trash
  • No more dealing with the dreadful task of lugging garbage down the stairs
  • No more having to leave pet waste, dirty diapers, and sea food in the home overnight
  • An added convenience
  • A clean community and environment

Benefits of Our Services to the Residence Complex Owner:

  • Expand their amenities package
  • An extra income stream
  • Set yourself apart from competing properties
  • Attract more customers
  • Reduce waste cost for the property
  • Allows property management to focus on their core business
  • Effective recycling system