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1Residential Cleaning

Initial Deep Home Cleaning

Normally, a lot of homeowners clean specific parts of their homes at times but rarely do a total deep cleaning of the entire house at a single time. According to home experts, it’s recommended that a house should be thoroughly cleaned at least once every year to eliminate all dirt and dust totally and for a cleaner and healthier home environment.

But, cleaning the entire home meticulously can be a daunting job. To stay away from this stressful work, call us: We will eliminate the stress.he work.We will comprehensively and efficiently cleanevery “nook & cranny” in your home. We aim to exceed your expectations!


Recurring Cleaning is available. We can do laundry and make beds, too! Just ask.

We utilize the Rainbow Cleaning System

Stop using the conventional vacuum. The Rainbow Vacuum is the most effective in removing hair, dust, dirt, particles while at the same time . The concept of its patented system is “wet dust can’t fly”

Move In – Out Cleaning

Moving can be a strenuous and stressful time for any family or individual. Maybe you’re a tenant or homeowner, it’s imperative that you leave a clean area for incoming inhabitants. And we can take on the tough job of deep cleaning your previous home while you juggle the strain of moving.

There’s nothing more exasperating than arriving at your new house only to discover that it requires deep cleaning. Give us a call – we will handle it.

We use environmentally friendly products and we tailor cleaning to fit your specific needs.

Cleaning Services
Cleaning Services

2Commercial Cleaning

Be it church, office, bank, classroom or medical center, we offer cleaning services that are sure to please you.. We guarantee high quality janitorial cleaning services. Coupled with our comprehensive and diverse range of commercial cleaning services. Our experienced team is friendly and courteous. Hassle-free services – we are here for you.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. We listen to your issues and use our insight to deliver swift cleaning solutions for your property. Be it a minor or a major problem, we have a cleaning solution best suited for your workplace

3Post Construction Cleaning

Are you remodeling the bathroom, kitchen or adding on a new bedroom? If so, you likely have a lot of dust and debris hanging around, even when construction is done. Instead of spending hours cleaning it up contact us. Our professionally trained cleaning experts can help with debris and dust removal, paper trash and building material removal and deep cleaning of floors and surfaces. We can provide you with fast and reliable post construction cleanup services so you can enjoy your home or office

Cleaning Services